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Analytical Instruments

Posted on: January 12, 2009

As a researcher in a pharmaceutic laboratory, I am greatly acknowledged for my services in my locality. I am glad to know, as validated by the number of responses I receive for my blog articles, that there are many enthusiastic youth who take interest in lab research, analytical laboratory products and a variety of other analytical instruments.

Yesterday, in one of the response to my article on analytical research instruments, one Mr. Akash asked me as how many manufacturers of analytical instruments are there in India and whom should one rely on to procure high quality and wide variety of analytical research instruments.

Well, Mr. Akash, you have not specified what you do or why you want to know or is it just a general question. If you are engaged in research activities and if you want to buy quality analytical research instruments, then you can just do a market survey. There are only a few suppliers of quality analytical laboratory products in India and if you compare companies, I think Aimil is the best. Why I am saying so is because, the lab I work for procures analytical instruments regularly from this company and till date there hasn’t been a single complaint about defects. We have been using analytical laboratory products supplied by other companies, but those required great maintenance. Frequent breakdowns greatly affected our research activities. So, I advise that you should go only for quality analytical research instruments.


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