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Chromatography and Chromatographic Products

Posted on: December 29, 2008

Hey lab buddies! I have gained a lot from your experiences featured in this blog. It is good to know about so many lab experts and lab technicians involved in the field of chromatography.

Various laboratory techniques are employed for the separation of mixtures, isolating the desired substance or chemical constituent for measurement. In the process, the substance undergoes a mobile phase as well as stationary phase. Isn’t it a complex process? Well, chromatography is complex unless you acquire mastery over the subject through constant research activities. In the lab process, we use a number of varied chromatographic products.

The importance of gas chromatographs cannot be overruled. Gas chromatography, also referred as gas liquid chromatography is where gas is the substance for the mobile phase. And this is where gas chromatographs find application. Gas chromatographs are widely used in all such processes related to analytical chemistry embracing chemistry research, industrial chemicals, petrochemical, environmental monitoring and more. This is only one part of the vast range of chromatography processes as well as chromatographic products employed.

Now the question is where we get these chromatographic products. It depends on your astute judgment to choose the right chromatographic products. For getting precise measurements without any interruptions, it is very necessary that you go only for those products that are high on performance and quality. Chromatographic products supplied by Aimil last for years without any trouble. And it really is! My lab has most chromatographic products by this company.


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